别名 消音9mm
出现于 侠盗猎车手:圣安地列斯
武器类型 手枪
伤害 40 (单次射击) (《侠盗猎车手:圣安地列斯
弹匣容量 17发
提供商 武装国度
价格 $600
解锁自 疯狗多特的乐谱

消音9mm(英语:Silenced 9mm)是一把在原9mm手枪上装置了减音器的武器,只出现在《侠盗猎车手:圣安地列斯》中。原本有一个计划是将消音9mm加入《侠盗猎车手IV》中,但是这个计划在开发过程中就被移除了。在公众场合使用消音9mm不会像往常一样引发人们的骚动;因此它是隐秘暗杀目标的理想选择。不过,将枪对准无辜行人仍会致使他们举起双臂示意投降,就像往常一样,接着他们就会逃跑。在警察的视线附近使用这把武器仍会获得执法部门的关注度,并会触发通缉程度,这把武器的减音效果会由此减弱。




消音手枪看起来像M1911手枪 The Silenced Pistol visually appears to be a Colt M1911 but functions overall like a Glock 17 with an attached silencer. It uses special 9mm rounds of which it holds 17 per magazine similar to the regular pistol variant in the game. Compared to the Pistol, the Silenced Pistol has different features. The weapon is fired from a proper two handed stance to improve accuracy, eliminating the ability to dual wield this weapon. Rounds also do more damage to targets taking about two to three shots to kill regular pedestrians, beat cops and most in-mission minions while the pistol takes four shots for the same, which is inaccurate based on real suppressors which usually end up decreasing bullet damage rather than increasing it. However most modern suppressors used with proper ammunition report very negligible loss of velocity and thus do not affect the overall energy of the bullet. Since it does not share the same ammunition as the regular pistol it is possible that this Pistol has been modified with a weaker recoil spring to accept low velocity hollowpoint bullets while the unsilenced Pistol uses cheap military surplus full metal jacketed ones fired at standard velocity. Hollowpoint bullets form a mushroom like shape and stay inside the target's body hence dumping their entire energy in the target. Low velocity bullets reduce the acoustic signature of the bullet by eliminating the supersonic crack that occurs when the bullet breaches the supersonic barrier. Full metal jacketed bullets tend to enter and exit the target quickly causing significant wastage of energy. However hollowpoint bullets perform much worse against body armour and vehicles, an effect that cannot be implemented due to the limitations of the game engine. Fire rate is also decreased to increase the accuracy of the weapon. The weapon can also replace the Desert Eagle in many situations with 10 extra rounds, increased fire rate, and slightly weaker damage compensated through stealth. The damage per shot is 40, which proportionizes the slower reload of the Desert Eagle.


Initially, the player cannot aim while moving, and lock-on range, accuracy, rate of fire and strafe are all poor. At "Gangster" level, the player can move while in the aiming stance, with lock-on range, accuracy, rate of fire and strafe speed all increased. At "Hitman" level, the player can fire while moving, and lock-on range, accuracy, rate of fire and strafe speed are all maxed out.



Grand Theft Auto IV编辑

File:Silenced Pistol.jpg

There are files that indicate the Silenced 9mm was removed from the final game. These files are:

  • Silenced Pistol Sound (pc/audio/sfx/resident.rpf/WEAPONS.ivaud) named SILENCED_PISTOL_SHOT2
  • Texture File (pc/anim/cutsprops.img) inside cspistol.wdr the texture is called ecal_9mm


  • Although, majority of Colt M1911s are built around single stack magazines of .45 ACP ammunition, many clones are manufactured in 9mm with double stack magazines. However, this is somewhat anachronistic for the game's timeframe.
  • Even though it's a silenced version of the regular Pistol, it does not share ammo with it.
  • Despite the fact a Desert Eagle is stronger, when using cheat codes, a Silenced 9mm is tier 3 ('Professional Set') and a Desert Eagle is tier 2 ('Nutter's Set').
  • The silenced Silver Colt 1911 was cut from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for unknown reasons. Only its model and texture appear in the game's internal files.
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